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With his industry experience in building leadership teams, organization capabilities and leading succession process, he brings that to how he works with leaders to make them future-ready

Hari brings depth in leadership development, he won multiple awards for building innovative corporate universities and in delivering business change. He taught International HR at S.P Jain University, Singapore and has been associated with Caltech as an instructor in Future Skills Academy. He is now a faculty with the global consortium, Fast Future Executive.

Imagination-Centric, Design-Centric, Future-Centric

Leading At The Speed Of The Customer

In this course they will understand and apply agility as a new strategy lens to decode disruption and make it a key principle in how they shape their strategy, organization and leadership. The participants will apply agility and the three elements of intersections, interfaces and insights to their business context.

Thinking Like A Digital Native

Companies that have been born in the last 10 years, ‘digital natives’ understand and serve their customers in a fundamentally different way than legacy businesses. A key driver of are the leaders who think like ‘digital natives’. Based on research, the course helps you think like a digital native to be successful in a world where every business is a platform, technology, and data business.



This course helps participants gain a deep understanding of why and how design centric businesses create value and learn the thinking methodology to apply design to everything they do - strategy, process, product, solution, projects, experiences, business models and more

The Future Of Work Lab

In this course the participants will be able to learn a future of work framework, understand how companies adopt new workforce strategies, identify new skills or capabilities needed, deconstruct jobs through task analysis to drive a mix of human-automation design, apply principles of gig economy and create a future of work roadmap for their business.

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