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Invite Hari Abburi to gain insights for a world yet to be discovered

Author. Speaker. Global Executive

Hari is often invited to deliver keynotes or comment upon the latest in the world of disruptive business through podcasts and TV shows.

Hari is a key voice on disruption that has no industry boundaries as he explains, 'in the minds of customers, there are no industry boundaries'.

Hari believes that strategy in this new world is driven by multi industry influences. This makes every company a platform, technology and data company. In his upcoming book, 'At The Speed Of The Customer', he puts forth a new approach to strategy with the three elements of Intersections, Interfaces and Insights.

“We live in an ideas economy; a powerful idea disrupts a decades old industry or a company. This disruption in fact comes from ideas from a different industry or seemingly dissimilar expertise. This needs companies, strategies, leaders and organizations to be at the Speed of the Customer.”

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