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I Help CEOs & Companies

Change Faster Than Their

Industry Curve

30 Years Of Leadership In Transformations, M&A Integrations, Complex Change With Multi-Industry Experience Spanning 55+ Countries And With A Deep, Compelling View Of The Future.

At The Speed

Of The Customer



Shape A Strategy At

Intersection Of Industries

Disruptive companies and leaders learn from different industries and learn from the customer's of different industries. They are able to apply ideas from a different sector to their business by shaping strategy at the intersection of industries. This often creates new segments, markets, products leading to new revenue streams.


Identify & Build Capabilities Dissimilar To Your Industry To Win

As companies and leaders shape their strategy at the intersection of industries, they excel at building capabilities that are unnatural to themselves and their industry. The speed of this capability acquisition or build is what delivers their disruptive impact to their industries. 


To Reimagine How You Serve Your Customers, Reimagine How Work Is Constructed

As these disruptive companies deliver products and services that the customer never thought were possible, they do this by reimagining how work is done. They reimagine work with the customer at the center as compared to processes or tasks or an internal view of organization structure. 


Design Is A Central Principle In Strategy To Create Economic Value

These disruptive companies are able to breakthrough the legacy trap to create experiences for their customers using design as a key principle. They create more economic value than their peers through embedding design in each aspect of the business, from strategy, to leadership thinking, products, processes and experiences. 


Insights That Create Breakthrough Ecosystem Opportunities

While traditional businesses focus on analytics around efficiencies, the disruptive agile companies look for insights that give the break through business opportunities. This creates the ability to shape strategy at the intersection of industries. 

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