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01. Agility For Strategy, Leadership & Organization

At the Speed of the Customer

Have you wondered how non-industry companies are disrupting traditional players? Or why smaller companies scale up so rapidly to displace large players? What is so different in how that shape strategy? What type of leadership is needed to be thriving in the disruptive world? This session takes you into a new approach to strategy for a world yet to be discovered. We help apply the three elements of agility to your company and explain the new world of business: There is no such thing as a single-industry company anymore, every business is a platform, data, and technology business, with technology and data, the lines blur even between seemingly dissimilar industries, for the customer, experience from one instance is immediately transferred to a completely different instance in real-time as an expectation, the future of the workforce is augmented—a mix of human full-time employees, gig talent, robotics, and AI-driven automation.

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02. Digital Natives To AI Native Business Models & Transformation

Like A Digital Native


Companies that have been born in the last 10 years, ‘digital natives’ understand and serve their customers in a fundamentally different way than legacy businesses. They use five distinct habits to think like a digital native and win in a disruptive marketplace.


This session explains the Five Habits of Digital Natives that cut across and integrate nine key elements of the future of our world: Future Of Strategy, Platforms, Experiences, Money, Connectivity, Design, Work, Organization Models and Leading people. Companies on an average change their business models every 3-4 years due to digitization and new technologies. In many cases, new entrants from a dissimilar industry often disrupt well established players. 


The Digital Transformation Leadership session is designed to help leaders understand all the complexities of a digital transformation and simplify it for the leaders to implement. Digital transformation is multi-layered, multi-dimensional journey, which if not fully appreciated creates more confusion than clarify.  Thinking Like A Digital Native Is a one of its kind key note session or a course for leaders who want to understand disruption and shape strategy for their organizations at the intersection of customer behavior, market forces, cross industry impacts, technology, business models and leadership.

03. Innovation, Disruption & Leadership

Ideas Don’t Die. Companies Do.

This session takes you into a whirlwind of ideas centric strategies at the intersection of industries, technologies, interfaces and insights. We decode innovation for you. Camera as an idea transitioned from Kodak to Nokia Phones to the professional grade cameras in smart phones today. This has futrher evolved into Robotic Process Automation using computer vision to process insurance claims and present decision points to human managers.


Ideas transition through companies and it is fascinating to analyse how a same or similar idea has been used as strategy by different companies through history. Some of the most intriguing and successful products and services on the market today have existed in one form or another for decades or even centuries. For example, the idea of renting your house to another person has probably existed since people actually owned real estate. Even interface features like ‘Stories’ from snapchat found its way into Instagram, Facebook and has created the idea for the mass popularity of Tik Tok today. A number of individual companies rise and fall every year. The ideas that fuel them live on and wait the next bright entrepreneurial mind to bring them to life more effectively.

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04. Design Thinking

Imagine. Design. Prepare. Lead.

A high-energy session that takes you around the world in design from products, services, solutions across multiple industries. The session introduces our proprietary design thinking approach IMAGINE. DESIGN. PREPARE. LEAD. The Participants will also be able to try the approach through quick cases and exercises in this session.


The session is an audio-visual, hands-on, experimentation centric, cross-cultural, global, multi industry journey of examples. The participants will be able to develop idea thinking, ideation in one’s mind in its purest form through design or imagination briefs, design Products, Services & Tasks or anything, make it teachable and application centric across all levels or jobs or functions in a company, learn to develop comparative thinking of dissimilar ideas that drives industry disruption and understand the business value of design.

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Invite Hari

Hari Abburi is a global well recognized speaker, author and thought leader. He is invited for keynotes at company events and speaks frequently at conferences.  

Agility as an idea is about identifying opportunities before their time and without boundaries of industry, domains or expertise areas. In a fast paced disruptive world, every time Hari delivers a keynote, most of his content is curated to reflect the latest in the business world.

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