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At The Speed Of The Customer


As the world moves from Digital Natives to AI Natives, it creates a whole new definition of agility. How can companies and leaders understand and apply agility in the new world? This book gives a three dimensional view - a model that can be applied to any business, example & insights and an action checklist for leaders

Early 2024


The Future Blur: From Digital Natives To AI Natives

Co-Author Of Chapter With Dr. Efi Pylarinou


Every 100 years, there is phase that is disruptive where seemingly distant and gradual changes become real, these are termed 'Future Blurs'. This book identifies and goes into six key intersection points or 'Future Blurs.

Hari Abburi is a co-author with Dr. Efi Pylarinou on a chapter on how the transition to AI natives creates new business models. 


April-May, 2024

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