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My Focus

Given Similar Ideas & Contexts:

Why Do Leaders & Companies
Make Different Strategic Choices?

This book examines ideas that transitioned through history and specifically researches1229 companies across industries that have become unicorns.  

Hari It puts forth a model of choices companies/leaders make in this innovation process to help today's professionals build ideas for tomorrow. 

You Can Apply The Framework To Your Decisions

Key Questions The Book Explores


How does the shift in centrality from idea or product to customer look like?


Why is an idea that failed few years ago be successful today with the same set of choices & variables?


What is the 'idea moat' that creates exponential value between two companies using similar ideas?


Is the idea really original or is the value created from choice of execution?


What is fallacy of breakthrough leadership in making decisions that set apart two companies in similar idea contexts?

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Discover Imagination-Centric, Design-Centric

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